Drive for a Cure

Who are we doing this for?

Epilepsy Research for a Cure!

We are Chris & Mary Lou Sordi, we are members of Ferrari Club of America and are in the driving clubs for Ferrari of San Francisco, and Niello Maserati of Sacramento. We have a granddaughter, Bronte, who was diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy disorder. We established a research foundation in 2000, for Epilepsy, to hopefully discover a cure for epilepsy disorders. The Foundation,, is universal in the beneficial use of its results, and the Research Center is located at the University of California Davis, California. To date the Bronte Epilepsy Research Foundation has raised and donated over $1.2 million for this research, through various sporting and musical events. The proceeds are donated directly to Research Centers, or Epilepsy Medical Activities at UCD Davis, and Sutter Medical Group, who collaborate their discovery world wide for a cure for Epilepsy!

In this era of medical breakthroughs, doctors and researchers still struggle to understand what causes seizures. In two-thirds of patients with epilepsy, the cause is never known. Many children with autism also suffer from epilepsy. Thousands of U.S. soldiers are developing epilepsy after suffering traumatic brain injuries on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite these numbers and all the lives at stake, epilepsy research is woefully underfunded and the search for a cure has been stymied.

Living with seizures is cruel and unusual punishment for patients and their families, no matter how old they are or how famous they might be. One never knows when the next seizure will strike and whether it will be damaging or even fatal. And for a family, it is especially heartbreaking.

Our 15-year-old granddaughter, Bronte, has epilepsy and averages over 2,000 seizures a year. Every night, when our daughter tucks Bronte into bed, we hope and pray she will awake the following morning and that one day our nightmare will be over and a cure will have been discovered—for her sake and others, and in honor of those who were not so fortunate.